Present Facilities

Palis has supplied and commissioned Automatic Multi-Level Parking Systems world over with all its facilities working without a single-day stoppage.

Its present facilities include the world’s largest Automatic multi level parking facility. It consists of two “Round Palis” towers at the Wolfsburg headquarters of Volkswagen AG. The two towers are operating trouble free since their commissioning in 2000.

Each of the two towers can hold 400 vehicles, which are parked or retrieved at lifting speeds of up to 2 m/s. The glass cylinders have a height of 50 metres and a diameter of 28 metres. They have concrete parking surfaces and a steel frame. Every 40 seconds a new car rolls underground from the factory into the vehicle towers, while another one leaves the towers towards the customer area. As Traffic Tech magazine puts it: »This steady ryhthm inside the cylinder, like a glass engine, is the heartbeat of the motor city.

Palis Towers at Volkswagen
Headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany